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Free cooling is an economic method of using low outside air temperature to cool the inside air of an equipment room. This helps in saving energy by reducing running time of Air conditioner fitted in the equipment room. The solution can be deployed for the telecom shelters with or without having provision for air conditioners. We provide these Free cooling systems with great efficency. We are a leading manufacturer of Free Cooling System. The system senses shelter temperature, ambient temperature and relative humidity. Based on the logical conditions, it provides suitable outputs in the form of 48V DC supply to ventilator fans and PFC for air conditioner operation.

When (Tin> Temp set), {(Tin-Tamb)> Temp Diff Set} & (RH < Set RH) then 48VDC is available at Output to run two fan arrays. Simultaneously, PFC condition is available to keep air-conditioners (if deployed) in off position.

When (Tin>Temp Set), {(Tin-Tamb) Set RH), 48V DC is not available at Output-1 and 2 to run two fans but PFC condition is available to keep air-conditioners (if deployed) in on position. Air conditioners take care of humidity control and Temperature.

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